Room Décor Uplighting

     Room décor up-lighting is a set of light fixtures inconspicuously placed throughout the ballroom that project decorative beams of light from the floor onto the walls. Up-lighting is a very effective method to introduce color to your big event. Using a combination of RED, GREEN and BLUE, we are able to produce an amazing spectrum of colors. All of our light fixtures are LED, which means it produces little to no heat.

     You have your choice of either single color or DMX-controlled changing colors. We offer various up-lighting options to our clients to ensure that their wedding reception venue has that all important “WOW Factor”. Our LED up-lighting services can be used in all indoor and outdoor venues and you can choose the exact color(s) that you would like the room to appear during the event. These lights are used for several purposes such as lighting up your ballroom/décor, and to add drama by enhancing the color of the walls, corners, columns, etc. Please contact a Soundz Good Productions for more information.

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