I was recommended to Aces Wild and would definitely recommend them to others whether it be for a wedding or any type of party.  I wanted a lot of different things at my wedding and Nick was able to accommodate everything that I asked for.  I wanted to do a slide show of pictures of my Father and I as I grew up and Nick was able to take a CD of pictures and put it to the song that we were dancing to so that it could play while we were dancing.  I then threw in up-lighting on him and he not only did the research for me to find the up-lighting but he got it, set it up, and handled all of it.  Both Nick and Connie helped Darren and I out with music as we are not much of the music people they were able to recommend different songs, play them for us, and find other songs as well.  I believe Nick's first question to me when I first saw him at the wedding was "Any more surprises?"  My mother had thrown in a fireworks video at the end of the night with a few slow songs to end the night and then of course giant sparklers for us to walk out to, Nick accommodated her with everything at the last minute on the wedding day!!  Nick kept things very simple and easy when planning everything as well as fun during the planning and definitely at the reception.  We did not have Connie the night of the wedding, Nick had Edson with him.  They did a fantastic job with everything, out of all things that are supposed to go wrong at a wedding/reception; I did not have to worry about anything that Nick and Edson were doing that night.  They kept things going all night and made it very fun and entertaining.


Thank you for everything,


Kara and Darren Vogel

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