Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide us music to choose from? & Can we give you a play list to play from?

Yes and Yes.  We have many good selections of music we can give you on paper or in MS Word format and we can help you develop a play list to stick by for the cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing.  Also we have many suggestions for the various formalities of the evening.


What's the difference between a Disc Jockey (DJ) and a Master of Ceremonies (MC)?

A disc Jockey knows music and will read the crowd to play the right song at the right moment to keep everyone on the dance floor.  A master of ceremonies is the leader of the event, making the grand introductions and the rest of the activities run smoothly throughout your special evening.



Do you provide back-up equipment? What about back-up DJs?

Yes, we will have back-up equipment and yes we will have extra DJs on call.


When do our music choices need to be completed?

At least two weeks prior to your wedding and we will help you with your music selection.  We can offer sheets of popular wedding music and music for the various activities/formalities of the evening.


How do we go about Paying?

There is a $250 deposit for weddings and the deposit for private partys is half of the total amount to hold the date that is non-refundable.  The balance will be due 30 days before your event if you are paying by check or 14 days before your event if you are paying in cash.


Do you offer a contract?

Yes, contracts are required to hold the date and for all events.

When do you arrive the day of?

At the very least we will be there 2 hours before, but we strive to be there 2 hours in advance to double check everything twice to make sure your special day goes smoothly.  Most other companies only show up 45min to 30min before.


What should we tell the banquet hall to provide for our DJ?

To furnish a facility that completely covers all equipment from direct sunlight and rain. 


To provide sufficient electrical power within fifty feet of the location where equipment is set up.


Provide at least one, six foot table for our use with the same lining as the other tables.


Should we serve dinner to our DJ?

This is entirely up to you, but we do ask you to let us know so we can plan appropriately.

Is it appropriate to tip my DJ?

Our mission is to do the best job possible and your gratuities are much appreciated.

Why do Wedding DJs charge so much?

There are many costs that go into DJ Weddings and other events.  First there is the library of music with over 30,000 songs at $1.29 from that is over $35,000.  Next the equipment itself is all over $100,000.  Then there is the cost of the vehicles.  There are advertising costs and employees to pay.  Lastly there is insurance to pay as well.  Those with the lowest price are cutting on something and by choosing the cheapest DJ you find you may not know why they are so cheap till the day of...  So beware.



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