Our 7 Promises to make your day Great


We promise to remember that this is your wedding day, a once in a lifetime event, a day unlike any other you will ever experience. We will never view your day as just another party.


We promise to respect your wishes. It's your day, and your style. We can, and will, make it work your way.


We promise to give you the benefit of our expertise. We won't just make you tell us what to do. We'll work with you, not just for you. We'll help you with ideas, whether completely new to you, or just by helping to make your own ideas work even better.


We promise not to ask you to make decisions on your wedding day about how things should go. All planning and decisions will be made in advance, so that you can enjoy your day and enjoy your guests.


We promise to represent you well. We realize that we are your spokesperson. We are the one your family will hear when you are introduced into the room, introduced for your first dance and parents dances. We'll make you proud.


We promise not to embarrass you. No surprises. No cheese. No embarrassing you or your guests, or forcing your guests to do things they don't want to do. We believe in encouragement, not intimidation.


We promise that we'll be easy to work with. Of course we use written contracts, and operate our business professionally, but we never let the rules get in the way of good business. Our purpose is to make your day great.


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